What is Acai

Pronounced AH-SIGH-EE

Acai is the fruit of an Acai Palm Tree. The Berry is similar in appearance to a grape, but smaller and less pulp. It is almost all seed (80% of the fruit) the juice is really just in the skin. The palms mostly grow in Brazil and Northern South America in swamps and on floodplains. Acai has to be processed close to the source as it has a very short shelf life once picked. Acai is a superfruit, high in antioxidants and healthy omegas similar to the healthy benefits contained in red wine and olive oil.

Sourced From the Amazon

Sambazon Acai is organic, fair trade, wild-harvested and completely sustainable.

sambazon product for acai bowl

We use Sambazon Acai exclusively in our bowls. Watch the short video below to learn more about acai, how its grown and harvested and why we've chosen to stand behind this great company.